If you speak Mandarin, your brain is different

17th Januar 2019

We speak so effortlessly that most of us never think about the complexity of our language. But when it comes to different types of languages, such ...

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Common interview questions and answers

16th Januar 2019

It can be intimidating during an interview, especially if you don't know what kind of questions to expect and how to answer them. But there are som...

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5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Sunday Night to Prepare for the Week Ahead

13th Januar 2019

Productivity does not start on a Monday - It starts on a Sunday. This is the best day to focus on what you need to achieve and accomplish for the u...

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11 Things to Do the Night Before an Interview (if You Want to Land the Job)

11th Januar 2019

Do you have an interview coming up?  The night before an interview can be a bit stressful - It can even have an influence on your performance durin...

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5 Ways to Kick Start Your Job Search

10th Januar 2019

Are you considering a new job, but don’t know where to start? Follow these 5 steps which will give you a good start on your job search!

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Keeping actively bilingual makes our brains more efficient at relaying information

9th Januar 2019

Speaking another language can make your brain more efficient, receptive and able to retain information. This is due to improved neural activation o...

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Brain Science Explains Why Every Company Should Have More Bilingual Employees

7th Januar 2019

According to research, working in a multilingual work environment does have an impact on innovation and productivity. Read more about it here.

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Start 2019 right with 5 tried-and-true career tips

4th Januar 2019

A new year is the perfect time to hit refresh at work! Have a look at these 5 tips on how you can gain new energy and make your current job feel li...

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Happy New Year

31st Dezember 2018

We wish everyone a Happy New Year from all at Language Matters!  

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4 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For A Successful New Year

28th Dezember 2018

2019 is just around the corner! However, this could be a great opportunity to take a look back at the previous 12 month and set goals for the next ...

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